“Bright colours are remarkable for Herman’s work, however he is more a drawer then he is a painter. Powerful lining and square shapes are a primary force in his work, not only for his abstract work but also for his figurative pieces. A landscape, a bull and a village all exist out of lines and squares. Often these lines are black painted, as you can see in almost all of his Spanish work. But tape can also be used to create lines. In these lines you can see Herman’s unique signature.

As soon as Herman gets in touch with other people and buildings his soul changes. In this way he is able to create art which adjust naturally to the environment it will be placed in. Herman combines new styles and materials and creates new shapes. This way of working is similar to the way a chef works, for a new dish one is always looking for new surprising combinations of ingredients. Herman’s studio is like the kitchen for a chef.

Herman’s work has many similarities with Picasso’s figurative work, but also with Tapies abstract elements. Picasso was also more a drawer then he was a painter, he was familiar with different styles. Herman is also very interested in the pre-Columbian art. Knowing this sun-figure mostly exist out of squares and lines, Herman’s interest in this figure is no surprise.”